Lightning Ship project supervisor


Maeglin is, or rather was, an eldritch knight. These deadly practitioners of both magic and swordplay, were considered the most dangerous warriors in TeraFaydom. Meaglin dedicated many years of his long, elven life to the study of air elemental magic and to the wielding of the elven curve blade. When The Great Collide occurred, Maeglin fought in many battles as the armies from the two worlds clashed with each other.

When peace finally came, Maeglin found himself out of work, and without a purpose. He began to spend days drinking and remembering better times. Fortunately, an old friend of his got him a job with Cloud. Due to his considerable skill, Maeglin is now a supervisor on the lightning ship project. However, his withdrawn, gloomy nature and rumors about terrible deeds he did during wartime have prevented him from advancing to a rank in Cloud commensurate with his skill. A few people say he once was known as Maeglin the Dark.

Maeglin carries his elven curve blade with him everywhere. Although Cloud would usually frown upon this, Maeglin’s sword focuses and strengthens his magic. It’s an impressive sight when Maeglin powers the lightning vessel, as electricity flows through his blade, into the ship’s power supply.

Maeglin was actually instrumental in getting Kyp his job at Cloud. While most of the elves who work in the lightning ships were skeptical of a scruffy, young human being able to use magic effectively, Maeglin sensed that Kyp has potential. Whether Kyp lives up to these expectations remains to be seen. Although Kyp is Maeglin’s protégé in some ways, and Maeglin’s direct subordinate, the two don’t interact a great deal. Maeglin only speaks when necessary, and when he does speak, he is terse, commanding, and to the point. Kyp doesn’t like being told what to do, and wishes Maeglin would be more friendly, but he’s grateful to Maeglin for helping him get a job, so he doesn’t complain too much.


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