Bad Gnomes and Boomsticks

And so it begins

Its been a long day. Working at Cloud is at times rewarding, but the work is not easy. Although only six months old, Cloud has already caught up to some of the most successful companies in Haven (or Thunder Spire if you believe you are still on TeraFaydom). For the past week your supervisors have been forcing you to work longer hours. From what you can tell, Cloud is harsh but fair. You hear horror stories of other companies and know that you could do far worse then work for Cloud. Plus the perks of your employment are worth it. Most people have to work the land to survive, but you get to be on the cutting edge of technology.

As you are about to finish the day, the manager Fitzguard announces that the President of the company, Mr. Curry, will address the company in the shipyard floor. As everyone gathers you hear grumbling about having to stay even later, but also others talking excitedly because this will be their first time to actually see Mr. Curry.

Curry can be seen walking in from the roof entrance and he makes his way to an empty floating ship dock which overlooks the warehouse floor.

Curry: Mr. Fitzguard, is everyone accounted for?

Fitzguard: Yes sir, the other shifts have just arrived.

Curry: Good to hear!

GM: Curry waves his hand. At that moment a metallic noise resonates from every exit. A fully armed Cloud security officer walks in sight of each of the exits as well. Many of the employees begin to loudly voice their concern.

Fitz: Don’t be alarmed! You all should know by now that this is our procedure for handling meetings of a confidential nature.

Curry: Thank you Mr. Fitzguard. Let me be honest with all of you. As we talk, there is a team of security officers inspecting each of your rooms. If there is anything you would like to tell us before they return with their report, please speak with Mr. Fitzguard and we will be more lenient on those who are honest.

GM: With Curry still overlooking the gathering, Of the 121 employees, almost 30 rushed to Fitzguard as he entered his office.

Fitz: One at a time please. I am sure we will have enough time to hear all of you out before they return.

GM: Looking at the line, you see some of them openly crying while others dart looks at the barred doors hoping for an escape from what they are about to tell Mr. Fitzguard. At this time Curry sits down on a chair, opens a small book, and appears to begin reading.


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