Ten years since it happened. Some unknown force caused the two worlds to collide. Not parallel realities, but parallel dimensions. Two worlds that have lived on the same planet for as long as each have known, but yet both seemed to have no knowledge of each other. Then one day everything just got thrust together. It was not as clean as mixing two chemicals together to make one, but more like smashing two colors of clay together, twisting it and then taring them in two equal halves again. There seemed to be no reason to how things were chosen. Where once was a large warehouse could now as easily be a an underground cavern or lush forest. Not only the landscape was affected. Some people remained the same, but some people changed and others disappeared altogether. It is assumed that both worlds now contain an equal part of each other. At first everything was chaos. Families separated, whole nations disappeared, everyone thought the world was at an end…but then as quickly as chaos came, peace was soon to follow. Within five short years companies developed technologies that would never have happened in the Great Collide.
Years are determined on a solar cycle. Before the Great Collide the year was E1221. “E” stands for Enlightenment. E1 was the supposed year that mankind obtained intelligence. Now there is a push from the New Enlightenment group to establish the date as BGC and AGC. Before Great Collide and After Great Collide.

Researchers have come to name the two worlds as TeraFirma and TeraFaydom. In all actually “worlds” is inaccurate. the proper term should be Plane but most consider them different worlds. Because there was such a mix that occurred inhabitants have no clue which one they are currently living on. It has been priority research for the past nine years to discover which one is which. The humans, being the shortest lived of all of the races, are adamant that this world is TeraFirma and so it belongs to them and the dwarves, while the Elves believe that it is TeraFaydom and want to take control. Peace came not because of any legislative party but because entrepreneurs from all races seized at the new technological opportunities, became instantly successful, banded together, hired an army of mercenaries equipped with this new technology, and forcibly stopped the fighting among the Firmites and Feys.

Known Intelligent races – Human, Dwarves, Elfs, Gnomes

Character Creation:
You are an employee of Cloud. A fairly new company that has mad a name for itself. They produce new technology that is developed through merging tech from TeraFirma and Magic from TeraFaydom
One of several major corporations who do the same thing. This is just one of the newer ones and
You all are entry level employees.

Bad Gnomes and Boomsticks

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